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Revive Bundala


Together with Expolanka Holdings PLC, Project ‘Revive Bundala’ was launched in 2019 with the aim of restoring Bundala National Park’s ecosystem. This National Park in Sri Lanka, which was declared a Ramsar site and is well known for attracting international migratory birds has been deeply affected by an invasive plant species. 

We were able to adopt 600 acres of land that had been cleared off the invasive species to initiate a project that focuses on rehabilitating and reviving the surrounding habitat by planting 125,000 trees over 5 years, so that migratory birds would return over the years. In the year of inception (2019), we successfully planted 15,000 plants of native species. 

In early 2020, the project’s progress was delayed due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, we were able to launch phase 2 over two stages due to the ease of lockdowns and restrictions in the South: October 2020 and January 2021. While our intention for this project was to have our own employees volunteer by planting, this had to be revised, as we couldn’t have employees participate in large groups. Therefore, we sought help from the local community by hiring them to plant in designated areas. As the local community is heavily dependent on tourism for their daily income and tourism was at a standstill, this was a way for us as a conglomerate to empower them financially as well. The community members who were selected were also educated on the plants and how to take care of them, thereby ensuring that the plants will sustain under their care for the long run.  

During phase 2, with the assistance of local community members and Park staff, enabled almost 25,000 saplings to be planted.  

  • To date, we have successfully planted 40,000 saplings across approximately 100 acres of land. 
  • SDG *: Decent Work and Economic Growth 
  • SDG 15: Life on Land